XenServer + DRBD split-brain work around

How did you setup the startup of DRBD on boot?

I am getting trouble, because the “replication-bond” is not up, when DRBD starts.

That results in a split-brain situation, because node 2 comes up without beeing connected to node 1.

As a workaround, I modified the start-script of drbd:

$DRBDADM wait-con-int # User interruptible version of wait-connect all

#Edit Phil
$DRBDADM connect drbd-sr1
sleep 4

$DRBDADM wait-connect drbd-sr1
$DRBDADM primary drbd-sr1
xe pbd-plug uuid=a351c2f7-937b-6d56-8cc5-207f645ca359

#Edit Ende

#$DRBDADM sh-b-pri all # Become primary if configured

Do you need such a workaround, too?

Quick workaround for split-brain when using Xenserver + DRBD

2 thoughts on “XenServer + DRBD split-brain work around

  1. I moved drbd interface management out of xenapi to normal linux startup scripts (so it starts much sooner) and made drbd depend on net.

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