Xen Server 5.5 support for jumbo frames?

Jumbo frames are only supported via HBA. Jumbo frames can be made to work via ethernet (software iSCSI), however this is not supported by engineering at this time. If you are willing to disregard the warrenty (assume full-responsibility, etc.), you could do something like the following:

xe pif-param-set uuid=<UUID of the PIF> other-config:ethtool-mtu=9000

Once done, please restart XAPI via


Please ensure that your switchports are all set at the same MTU from endpoint, connections in between, and final endpoint.

Another way would be to take the NIC our of xen management …

xe pif-forget uuid=<UUID of the PIF>

Next, edit the appropriate network configuration script per standard Linux …


You can remove the corresponding ifcfg-xenbr # file and modify the appropriate ifcfg-eth # file. You should not use xe-pif-scan anymore, as this will discover the interface and bring it back to xen-management.

Some tips

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