Wyse P25/P45 client central Management

I recently deployed 50x wyse P25’s zero clients as part of a VDI install. To centrally manage the clients I installed the Wyse device manager thinking it would easily allow me to update firmware and deploy a default config.

Although It does seem to support this it was very convoluted with ThreadX package creation and manual config files.

A quick search led me to the Teradici PCoIP Management Console, its a simple preconfigured linux VM, add it to inventory of your environment, give it an IP and password. Connect to the IP using https:// and your ready.

It supports,

  • Monitor, configure and update all PCoIP devices from anywhere
  • Graphically view the status and connection information
  • Remotely access and update the configuration settings
  • Auto configure devices when discovered on the network
  • Manage devices individually or by group (i.e. location, department, function)
  • Schedule firmware updates, profile application and power status
  • Assign static connections between PCoIP hardware host and client devices
  • Apply configuration data to individual devices or groups of devices
  • Deployment of bulk firmware updates
  • Support for multiple device discovery mechanisms
  • View and manage device logs
  • Power management of devices

It is an excellent piece of software and in my deployment worked flawlessly.

The process to deploy a default config and Update the firmware.
Login -> Devices Tab
Setup your device discovery (Scan the IP ranges of your devices)
Add the devices to a group

Profiles Tab
Add New profile and configure all the options.

Update Tab
Import Firmware – You can download the latest firmware from http://techsupport.teradici.com/ (Create a free account first)

Groups Tab
Click Edit and select the Profile from the dropdown menu
Click apply profile

That’s it, all the clients will download & apply the new firmware and config.




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