trunk configuration Asterisk, freepbx and Portech MV-3xx

Updated trunk configuration Asterisk, freepbx and Portech MV-3xx

This is my new updated functional configuration of Portech.

This guide will help you settings up Trunk in Asterisk (freebox, trixbox, PBIF, etc.) for Portech GSM Gateway.

The new configuration will pass Caller ID.

First we will configure the Portech MV-372 i believe this configuration will also work with Portech MV-370 and other Portech MV-3xx like MV-374.

Login to your portech


  • Mobile To Lan Settings:

    Item CID URL
    0 * 192.168.x.x (your asterisk ip)

  • Lan To Mobile Settings:

    Item URL Call num
    0 * #
  • Mobile
    • Settings:
      Mobile 1:
      Sip From: Tel/Tel (No reg)
      CLID Presentation: Invocation
      LAN Answer Mode: Income

      Do the same for Mobile 2

  • SIP Settings
    • Service Domain
      You only fill Domain Server and Proxy server with your asterisk IP address:
      Domain Server: 192.168.x.x
      Proxy Server: 192.168.x.x

      Again do the same for Mobile

    • Port Settings
      Make sure SIP Port for Mobile 1 is 5060 and port 5062 for Mobile 2

Other settings are fine you may leave them as they are, only check Network (WAN) settings if you don’t have DHCP or you need static IP for Portech gsm gateway.

Don’t forget to save changes (should reboot after saving)


Login to your FreePBX and add SIP Trunk

Outbound Called ID: xxxxxxx (put you number here)
Maximum Channels: 1

Outgoing settings
Trunk Name: SIM1 (you may put anything you like)
PEER Details:
host=192.168.x.x (your Portech IP address)

Incoming Settings:
USER Context: xxxxxxx (put you mobile number)
Leave Incoming settings blank.

Click submit (don’t forget the Orange bar on top after you make changes in your server)

Add another SIP Trunk for SIM2

Outbound Called ID: yyyyyyyy (put you phone number here)
Maximum Channels: 1
go to Outgoing settings

Trunk Name: SIM2
PEER Details:
host=192.168.x.x (your Portech IP address)
port=5062 (important)

Incoming Settings:
USER Context: yyyyyyyy (put you second phone number)

Again apply changes.

We’re almost done. Now to make this work we have to create Outbound Route, so click Outbound Routes
Put Route name as you wish, i have called it Portech_1 (since i will add another and will make it Portech_2)
Dial Patterns: i have put 049XXXXXX because i want only mobile numbers from the same provider to go through this trunk (through Portech) i mean i want to cut the costs right?

Trunk Sequence: i added SIP/SIM1 and SIP/SIM2
You can separate Trunks from OutRoutes if you have SIM cards from two different providers, just create another Outbound Route remove one Trunk from trunk sequence of the first route that we created and add it to this new one. Submit.

Also don’t forget in order to receive calls you need to have Inbound Route setup on Asterisk/freepbx. To get you started just create new Incoming route set you destination to an extension or ring group or any other destionation you would like to transfer calls to.

Only thing you left to do now is click Submit Changes then Apply Configuration Changes and pray for this to work.

Hope this new configuration will work better.

Notes – Works Great

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