Siemens Gigaset – IP DECT How to Transfer

There are two types of transfer on a Gigaset IP DECT phone. The first way is called a DECT transfer and can only be used to transfer a call to another handset registered to the same base station.

The second type is a SIP transfer and can be used to transfer a call to any other number using your VoIP service provider or PBX. Chances are this is the type of transfer you want to do so you can skip right to the SIP transfer section if you want to.

DECT/Internal Transfer How-To
  • During a call, press the “int” key on the handset. This is usually the left hand button on the four way key in the middle but it depends on the handset model.
  • The person you were talking to now hears some awful music on hold generated by the Gigaset phone itself!
  • You will see a list of the other DECT devices registered to the base station, select one of these and it will ring.
  • Announce the call and press the conf button just under the screen when ready to transfer.
  • You will actually be in the 3-way conference now but if you don’t want this then just hang up and the other two parties will be talking to each other.

    SIP/External Transfer How-To

    An external transfer is made a lot easier if you change a setting in the web interface of the phone before hand. You only need to do this once by the way!

    The setting is called “Transfer Call by On-Hook” and is found by clicking “settings” then “telephony” and “advanced” in the web interface. Change it to “yes”

    After this the actual transfer process is fairly straight forward:

    • During a call, press the options button just under the screen and choose the ext call option.
    • Dial a number and make a call as normal.
    • When you are ready to transfer, simply press the hang up key on the Gigaset handset and the other two callers are connected.


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