PHD Virtual 5.1 Released

Testing 5.1 today – excellent product, some great features added to 5.1 such as,

Flexible Backup Storage Options: New in 5.1

Backup virtual machines to locally attached storage or external storage locations via NFS or SMB/CIFS share.

Set It and Forget It Job Scheduling: New in 5.1

Backup jobs can be assigned to defined containers (representing hosts, resource pools, folders…).  Any VM in a container or later added to a container will automatically be backed up based on job settings.  For flexibility, specific VM’s in a container can be set to be excluded from backups.

File Level Restore (FLR) Any OS, Any File System: New in 5.1

Quickly restore individual files and folders without the need to restore the entire virtual machine image.

Application Object Recovery: New in 5.1

Use your existing recovery tools to quickly restore application objects (database object, mailbox, mail message, etc.) directly from backup storage.

Supports Tape Backup Solutions: New in 5.1

Backup Data Connector enables quick and easy integration with tape backup solutions.

Backup Retention & Archiving – Meet DR and Retention Policies: New in 5.1

Define and configure flexible retention policies for storing VM backups.  Flexible trim options can automatically remove old backups based on customizable policies.  Archiving provides the ability to mark specific backups for archive to exclude them from being deleted by the retention policy. Archive can be set at the job level for increased flexibility.

Get the full run down here:


One area I would like improved and it’s a small request is the initial login screen, it’s terrible – please add some basic functionality e.g. Save different hostnames, usernames etc…


or get rid of it and integrate into the main app – He is what im thinking.



5 thoughts on “PHD Virtual 5.1 Released

  1. I like the login suggestion and I will pass it up to product management. As a side note, you really don’t have to login that way. Just right click any VM from within VI Client or XenCenter and choose PHD Virtual menu, console. The app login page you are using is only if you don’t want to (or can’t) open VC or XenCenter. Still valid point. Thanks for the review.

  2. Yes I tend to use the Console or Multiple consoles through the login.I see using the plugin works well. Tks for the tip.

  3. Hello,I am glad I found someone writing about the PHD offering. We purchased this recently to backup our Xenserver 5.5 environment. Perhaps you´ve heard that PHD now state this does not work, and urge customers to upgrade to 5.6 to get the product to work. Problem is the VM you backup very often bluescreens, and the finger is pointed at Citrix.But – my case is. I have never in my life experiences such bad service from any company. The Tech support tried to do their best, but then when we requested a refund the sales team went into a black hole. We are a CSP and we know what we are doing, and we purchased this product to work as stated in official documents.I actually now would like to get in touch with someone at Citrix whos is responsible for the Ready Program and / or the investment that Citrix has made into PHD. We are completely ignored by the Sales team and manager, ignoring to respond to our emails about the full refund. This has been going on since early december, which makes this even more embarrasing as we have now inadequate backups.I warn everybody now of doing business with PHD.regards,Josef

  4. Hi Josef, sounds like a nightmare, good to see you got a response @ the Citrix blog.What is the issue with 5.5?Where do PHD state that 5.5 isnt supported?I’m currently on 5.5 and haven’t had any bluescreen issues with restores -> you have me worried now 😉

  5. Joe, There was a known issue with Equalogic SANs and storage links with Ctirix that effected how PHD Virtual backups run. It is clearly identified in the PHD Virtual Backup for XenServer Release Notes. This is the issue the poster came across. PHD has worked very closely with Citrix on this issue and Citrix released a hot patch in November for 5.6 and possibly 5.5. It was also corrected in the 5.6 FP1 release. The part of the PHD Virtual Release Notes is posted below.Problem When using EquaLogic storage with Storage Link, you may experience random disconnects during the backup. Additionally, the backup may fail and the VM that is being backed up may become unavailable.Workaround This is a known issue from Citrix when using XenServer and Storage Link on EquaLogic storage. If you are using EquaLogic, you can turn off Storage Link (if possible) to allow backups to complete correctly.Turning off Storage Link may present additional issues within your environment – be sure to understand the impact this may have before proceedingPete@PHD Virtual

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