ORF Anti Spam Software

Outstanding performance

Due to its design, ORF does not require extensive processor and memory resources. An average server hardware can be used to deal with a million emails a day.

Software based anti spam solution

Eliminate the need for expensive hardware based solutions. ORF provides the same feature package without the need to install and maintain complex pieces of hardware.

World class support

Vamsoft prides itself in its efforts to create and maintain a world class personalized support program that improves the user experience. From debugging to settings optimization, Vamsoft’s expert staff is there to help.

Advanced monitoring and reporting

ORF produces detailed, customisable logs that can be browsed and filtered by a built-in log viewer. Real-time statistics and detailed printable reports help to fine-tune performance and understand your email traffic better.

Truly amazing piece of software & its priced per server -> If your anti-spam solution is per user e.g. MailMarshal / GFI etc… Use ORF – Read the benefits & save yourself €€€€

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