Installing UK voice prompts for Asterisk

Installing UK voice prompts for Asterisk

By default the English language voice prompts that Asterisk comes with have an American accent. There are some free UK voice prompts available and below are instructions for downloading and installing those. The instructions below will replace the existing US prompts with the UK ones.

The prompts can be found here –

More details about different language voice prompts can be found here –

The commands below download the wav, ulaw, alaw, g729 and g723 codec versions.

First create a folder to download the files to –

cd /usr/src
mkdir uk
cd uk

next grab the files –

next extract the files that were downloaded –

find . -name ‘Alison_Keenan-British-English-*’ -exec tar xvfz {} ;

now we’re going to replace the file extensions on some of the files to match the default Asterisk ones –

find . -exec rename .g711a .alaw {} ;
find . -exec rename .g711u .ulaw {} ;

now remove the original tar files, copy over the new files and tidy up the download folder –

rm -f Alison_Keenan-British-English-*
unalias cp
cp -rf * /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en
cd ..
rm -rf uk

You can hear an example of these prompts by calling the echo test number here –

Good prompts – Notes

2 thoughts on “Installing UK voice prompts for Asterisk

  1. I’m having trouble getting this to work on my raspbx system, where I can make directory, download and extract without problem.

    when I execute: find . -exec rename .g711a .alaw {} ; I get find: missing argument to `-exec’

    can you help with this?

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