Installing a Digium TDM800P Dell Poweredge 2650

I’m installing a new phone system into a branch office next week. I had an old Dell PE2650 that has seen very little usage over the years so is a perfect fit.

Order list included

10x Cisco SPA504G IP phones

1x Digium TDM800P + 6x FXO modules

The cabling on site is a mess so ordered some cat5, patch panel, RJ11 wall boxes etc…

This post is about installing the TDM800P into the 2650, there are 3 PCI slots in the 2650 which are segmented into 2 x 64bit/100MHz and one legacy bus (32bit/33MHz). You need to install the TDM card into the top slot.

In the 2650 bios disable all non-essential hardware like the second NIC & USB, make sure the TDM card has its own IRQ (The lower the better)

I am using Centos 6.2 once installed you will see errors like

ERROR: Unable to service card within 25 ms and unable to further increase latency.
host failed to service card interrupt within 128ms which is a hardunderru

You will also see dahdi_test reports very low scores.

You need to edit the /boot/grub/grub.conf and add

noapic acpi=off nmi_watchdog=0 vga=normal to the Kernel line

Reboot and you should be fine.Check dmesg just to be sure.

After that run dahdi_genconf

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