AS400 Overlays – Printing with Overlays

Adding overlays to an AS400, great for replacing pre-printed paper – Its a pain to get going but like everything once you can map it out in your head its easy.

Prepare the AS400

1. Setup an Overlay Library > CRTLIB

2. Create a physical file to contain the PC overlay file (You only need to do this once)


Creating and Setting the Overlay

1. Download and extract the AFP printer drivers

2. Setup a new printer using the drivers you downloaded – Select “Print to File” as the port –> Click have disk and point to the AFP drivers from step 1. Now select IBM AFP 144,240,300 or 600 the number correspond to the DPI of the printed document – 600 is fine for local printing but if you are pushing overlays over WAN links then pay careful attention to the final file size (E.g. A invoice overlay I made is 177KB using the 240DPI and 1.2mb using 600DPI)

3. Create your overlay – I use Adobe Fireworks but whatever you prefer.

4. On XP –> Right click the final file and print (The Default XP print wizard) select your AFP printer and input the file name (For this example we’ll use “invoice.oly”. The file will generate to your profile folder c:Documents and Settings%username%

5. Upload the file to a dir on your AS400 – You can ftp it or use iSeries Navigator (I’m using a folder call “overlays”)


6. Now signon as QSECOFR and run





Ok thats it you have setup an overlay for use in your program or *outq

If you have exsisting print queues and the overlay isn’t printing then check its setup as *AFPDS and not *SCS

There is loads of details in this PDF:

Best of luck and enjoy.


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